• Number of visas
    If your group is larger, please make several orders. Or contact us for support.
  • Type of visa
    Visa on arrival is only for travelers by air. Visa code at embassy getting visa stamp at pre-chosen embassy. e-Visa* Restricted is strict and might need further info.
  • Length of visa
    Single visa is only 1 entry. Multi visa is multi entries for during visa duration. Choose correct visa length, Product and processing. Read more at FAQs.
  • Purpose of visit
    Choose the one that describe most. For work and study in Vietnam use Business visa. We need further documentations. Need your contact Company/ organization info in Vietnam. Combine business with tourisme? Choose tourist. Read more on FAQs.
  • Processing time
    Office hours are from 8 AM to 11 AM in the morning and from 1PM to 5PM in the afternoon EXCLUDE Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. (GMT+7/ UTC+7 Vietnam time zone). Emmergency visa? Choose correct visa length and processing. Read more on FAQs.
  • Extra services

  • Private Visa Letter (Recommended)
    Need private separate visa letter? Common by immigration is to process in bulk. Keep your passport details for your order only? Visa letter is normal processed and issued in bulk by the government. If you need a own private visa letter, choose this service. Cannot choose later once processing has been started.
  • Airport Assistance
    Hassle-free getting visa stamp at airport-service. Meet our staff once landed, hand in documents and visa stamping fee, and we fix the rest as priority and no queues.
  • Airport VIP Fast Track Arrival
    VIP Fast Track. Get our staff to support you all the way from landing to exit the terminal. Meet our stff once landed, hand in documents and we fix the rest for your convenience. We help you with baggage and best of all, no queues. Priority visa stamp, VIP passport channel, Baggage service, Priority customs line, reliable guide to recommendations. Recommend for business travellers.
  • VIP Fast Track Departure/ Exit
    VIP Fast Track Exit Vietnam (Recommend). Fast and convenient. Own staff, no queues through chek-in, customs security, passport check, security and into gate area. Save time and reach your flight in time.
  • Airport Transfer Hanoi Airport-City Center - Newer 7 -Seats
    Newer car models. Book car transfer from Hanoi Airport to city center. Only new car models (max 3 years old) 7-seats and private chauffeur. Numbers of persons depends on your luggage pieces. Ex. max 4 pers. with 4 checkin luggage. Or 5-6 persons with no checkin-luggage, only hand luggage etc. Pre-book for your convenience. Duration; 1h+. Buss:1,5h+
  • Airport Transfer Saigon Airport-City Center - Newer 7 Seats Car
    Newer car models. Saigon (HCMC) Airport Transfer to Hotel in Saigon city center? Relax and let us arrange it for you. All cars are newer models! Depends on your baggage, we advice to be max. 4 pers per car with 4 checkin luggage. Duration: aprox. 1/2+ hour. Buss: 1h. Need more car or other destination, please contact us for price. Support@
  • VIP Fast Track & Car (Hanoi)
    VIP All the Way! Fast Track and own car to hotel (city center). No worry at all. Own staff will follow and support from landing to your destination.
  • VIP Fast Track & Car (Saigon)
    VIP All the Way. Fast Track and own car to hotel (city center Saigon). No worry at all. Own staff will follow and support from landing to your destination.
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Processing time
Extra services d d d

Notice/ Help/ Guide:

Public Holidays: The Immigration Office is closed for normal Processing during Public Holidays and week ends. Last minutes Emergency Visa on Arrival is still available. Apply early to avoid emergency cases.

Private Visa Letter: Recommend if you need to keep your passport details private. Vietnamese Immigration Dep. process normally visa letter in bulk, sharing your visa approval letter with others. This service is often used by travelers from Europe and America.

Visa Pick up/ Airport Assistance: Recommended for families with children, first time travellers. Our staff will be waiting for you with name-sign once landed (meeting area). We will handle your visa stamp as First Priority.

VIP Fast track Arrival: VIP Priority. Includes with staff, visa airport assistance and VIP passport channel, get baggage, through customs declaration and exit terminal to your taxi or our transportation. It is recommended for business travelers, elderly and others in hurry to exit the airport terminal. Less hassle, more convenient and minimum queue.

NEW VIP Fast track Exit: VIP Priority for your comfort. Exit Vietnam fast and easy through all gates and checkpoints; priority with our staff for Check-in, customs security, Passport check, more security and into the gate area. Recommend due to much queues in Saigon and Hanoi. Try it, and you will be happy.

Airport Car Transfer: Newer car models, max. 3 years old, 7 Seats. Let us bring you to your hotel or to Your airport. Combine with Fast Track and experience the smoothness.